How to Create a LLC

Form A Partnership, S or C Corp or One Member LLC

We help you create your LLC & Choose a Tax Structure: Partnership, S Corp, C Corp or One Member LLC.

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The first step is to choose a business entity type.

Choose Your Entity Type

Whether you want an LLC S Corp, an LLC C Corp, LLC Partnership, or One Member LLC is up to you.

The number of owners, shareholders, or members (OSM) is a determining factor on the type of entity you can leagally form.

  • A single (OSM) cannot be a Partnership since a minimum of two Partners is required for a Partnership.
  • A single (OSM) may operate as a Sole Proprietor, an LLC S Corp or LLC C Corp, or as a Single Member LLC.
  • If there are two or more (OSMs) then it can also be a LLC S Corp, LLC C Corp or LLCPartnership.
  • An exception if available to a Husband & Wife in a Community Property State, like Arizona, which views a married couple as a single legal they can legally form a Single Member LLC in a Community Property State...with both as LLC members.

Not sure which type of entity would best suit your needs?

Learn more about the different types of business structures and find the one best suited for your business.

LLC S Corp, LLC C Corp, LLC Partnership, or Single Member LLC

Once you choose a business entity the next step is to actually create a business entity.

HK CPAs would like to create a business entity for you.

However, as we tell everyone who asks, it is very easy to do it yourself.

We will do the exact same things outlined in this link from LLC University...on How to Form an LLC in Arizona.

We will do the exact same things the AZ Corp Commission outlines in instructions on Starting a LLC Business in Arizona.

Here's a Guide to Resources Available in Arizona...

As you can see, it does take time & is a minor hassle.

The expert staff at HK CPAs can save you the time & hassle for a reasonable fee. can be confident it is done correctly.

The staff at HK CPAs work with you one on one to get your entity created as quickly as possible.

HK CPAs LLC Service Includes the Following

Prepare Articles of Organization or Incorporation

File S-Corp Election with the IRS

Employer Identification Number (EIN) Filing Service

Newspaper Publication of the Articles

How Much Does It Cost?

Whichever entity you choose, our fee is only $250 plus the cost of state filing fees ranging from $50 to $95 and Publication charges ranging from $40 to $90.

The average fee is about $350 which includes everything except S-Corp Election filing which is $25.

When you click on one of the links below, you will see a list of our fees & the required state & publishing fees to create your entity. These are fillable PDF forms that you can fill out & email to us to get the creation of your entity started.

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