CPA James C. Howe

Peoria CPA James Howe

Peoria CPA James Howe

James earned his Accounting degree in 1986 from the nationally ranked & highly regarded Accounting program at Arizona State University.

He obtained his CPA certificate a year later in 1987. James successfully completed Masters level tax courses in Partnerships, Corporations, Estates & Trusts, & Tax Research.

James is a Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor, a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), & the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants (ASCPA).

However, if you ask James, he will tell you his real education came from doing thousands of personal & business tax returns. Learning the way an "expert" in any field learns. Through years of hard work. Through achieving some successes & some failures. But most importantly, learning from both success & failure.

James began his professional accounting career with the Arizona Auditor General's office as an Auditor. Two years later, he signed on with the Securities Division of the Arizona Corporation Commission as a Forensic Accountant & Expert Witness in accounting.

During that entire period, as a side job, James did what he enjoys the most; preparation of income tax returns.

He obtained his first clients by placing home-made flyers on cars in shopping centers.

James soon graduated to mailing letters throughout the valley, offering to pick-up & deliver tax returns. He prepared the tax returns in his apartment and delivered the tax returns to his clients at their residence.

This was before GPS and cell phones. James spent a lot of time lost, trying to find a client's residence, and, as a last resort, calling the client from a pay phone. Remember pay phones?

His extensive knowledge & hard work quickly led him to picking up & delivering tax returns throughout the entire metro Phoenix area, all the way from Sun City to Queen Creek......from Chandler to Cave Creek.

The hours were tough. James worked 8am-5pm Monday through Friday as a Forensic Accountant & 6pm-11pm doing tax returns, plus all day Saturday & Sunday doing tax returns!

Due to the high demand for his work, James eventually left his employment as an Expert Witness & Forensic Accountant to focus on building his own accounting firm. As business grew, time constraints forced him to stop picking up & delivering tax returns.

For James, this was a tough decision. He thought he would lose most of the clients who were not located close to his office in Scottsdale. Much to his shock & delight, nearly all of these clients agreed to deliver their tax information to his Scottsdale office.

Many of those early clients are still with James today, and he values their business & friendship very highly.

Think about it. When someone is determined to drive to Scottsdale from places like Queen Creek, Casa Grande, Arizona City, Goodyear, Surprise, Peoria, Sun City, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Florence, Payson, & Prescott. Distances approaching hundreds of miles...and they insist that you keep doing their tax return.

When they move to almost every state in the Union, or countries like Germany, Great Britain, China (Hong Kong), India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or Switzerland and still insist that you do their tax return. Then, must be doing something right!

James built the firm with the motto "I will do your tax return as if it were my own."

He felt that there was no higher standard of care than that & still feels that way today. His over 28 years of expertise in the business is valued highly by both his clients and his employees.

During his many years of preparing difficult & complex tax returns, James slowly gained the confidence to let it publicly be known that he regarded himself as an "expert" in complex personal tax return preparation. 

At the same time, James tried to pass along his knowledge & experience to his business partner, CPA Renee Kolodziej.

Renee soon surpassed James and became an "expert" in complex personal tax preparation in her own right.

Fast forward to today.

As Yogi Berra purportedly once's "Déjà vu all over again."

James & Renee purchased an office building & moved their office from Scottsdale to Peoria.

Once again James is taking the risk of losing clients due to circumstances.

But isn't taking risks what all red blooded American entrepreneurs do?

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