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The Synergy Between Expert Bookkeeping & Payroll plus LLC Business Tax for Partnership, S or C Corps & Individual Taxes makes Howe & Kolodziej CPAs the Number One Choice for Individual & LLC Business Tax Prep in Scottsdale.

"I will do your tax return as if it were my own ."

That's the promise that Scottsdale CPA James Howe made to himself and potential clients when he first started preparing Individual & LLC Business Tax S or C Corp & Partnership tax returns.

Howe & Kolodziej CPAs of Scottsdale is based on the same premise. There really is no higher standard of care when it comes to tax prep of Individual or Business Tax S & C Corps, or Partnership LLC tax returns & payroll.

We are betting you are seeking the peace of mind that comes from a long term relationship with a trusted, experienced, professional CPA advisor who can correctly prepare your Complex or Simple....... Individual or Business Tax LLC return, including the preparation of LLC S & C Corp & Partnership returns & payroll, at a reasonable price.

Most of our clients have been with us for many years.

They helped build our firm by graciously referring friends and relatives for the tax prep of their Individual or LLC Partnership or LLC Corporate tax returns.

We are confident that you too will be satisfied with the quality & correctness of the tax prep of your Individual or LLC Partnership, S Corp or C Corp  tax return.

We hope that you too will be generous in your referrals to friends and relatives, and that you too will return to us for many years.

The fee you pay will be at a fair price. A fair price to you and to us. We do count on you returning the following year and for many years thereafter.

Scottsdale CPA Personal Tax & LLC Tax S & C Corp + Partnership & Payroll

CPAs James Howe & Renee Kolodziej are a formidable combination. A combined 39 years of Expertise preparing Individual Tax Returns Plus Business LLC Partnership & LLC Corporate returns, Bookkeeping & Payroll.

James & Renee specialize in the correct tax prep of complex LLC & personal income tax returns plus Quickbooks bookkeeping & payroll. Over the years, James & Renee have prepared more than 10,000 tax returns.

Extend your "due diligence" by examining the detailed backgrounds of Scottsdale CPAs Renee Kolodziej  & James Howe.

Explore how to Incorporate or Form an LLCor get Tax Advice for Business Owners.  

Did you recently marry, divorce, become a parent, retire, or lose a loved one? If so, then personal tax prep advice can be found at  or get Personal Advice and Investment Advice

Answer math based business, education, retirement & other tax questions with Contact Us at (480) 596-6499 to set a personal appointment with CPAs Renee Kolodziej or James Howe to prepare your Personal or LLC Tax Return..

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