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Complex Individual Tax

  • Multiple Rentals, Multiple K-1s, Multiple States, Tax Free Munis, US Treasuries

  • Multiple MLP Oil & Gas K-1s, Stock Options, Multiple Publicly Traded Partnership K-1s

  • Calculate Safe Harbor Estimated Taxes for Self-Employed & High Income Individuals

  • Electronic Filing & Direct Deposit Refunds

  • Auto Pay Federal Estimated Tax & Amounts Owed on Federal & State Returns

Our Easy 3 Step Process

If you need a CPA expert to accurately prepare your complex tax return this year, then call or fill out the contact form above.

Step 1

Call (480) 596-6499 or click to set up a consultation with HK CPAs today. Bring your prior year tax return to the consultation meeting.

Step 2

We will examine your prior year return & spend one-on-one time with you in order to fully understand your tax situation & discuss possible solutions.

Step 3

Your tax return will be expertly prepared by a CPA expert. Sit back and relax, but be ready for at least a two week process. We will get you there but it will take some time.