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Polish Translated Interpreted & Notarized

Polish Documents Translated, Interpreted & Notarized by a Polish Notary. We Translate & Interpret Polish Documents from Polish to English and English to Polish. Polish Documents Professionally Translated, Interpreted & Notarized. Notarized Polish documents are acceptable to Polish or U.S. government officials.

What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is appointed and commissioned by State government as a public officer. A Notary Public's function is to perform notarial acts as an impartial witness. A Notary Public verifies that a person is who he or she claims to be and that the person is in the presence of the notary when signing a notarized document. Here's more detailed information on the Arizona Notary Acknowledgement Form.

Polish Translated & Notarized - Fluent Polish Notary

Native born Polish speakers on staff including Fluent Polish Notary & Partner Renee Kolodziej. Staff member Aneta Grazda, born and raised in Poland, specializes in the interpretation of Polish documents and Polish translation to English, or the interpretation of English documents translated to Polish. Contact Aneta directly: aneta@h-kcpa.com

Aneta works in conjunction with our Office Manager & Fluent Polish Notary, Anna Soltys, who is fluent in both Polish & English languages. Anna, or Partners Renee Kolodziej and James Howe, will notarize your document, prepared by Aneta, so that it is legally acceptable in Poland and the United States.

Polish Interpreted from Polish to English & Vice Versa

Every member of our staff is fluent in English. So whether you need a Polish Document Fluently interpreted, notarized or translated from Polish to English or English to Polish, we can interpret your Polish or English documents accurately so they are acceptable to either American or Polish Government officials.


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