Tax Loopholes

What are Tax Loopholes?
All "tax loopholes" are legal & intentional by legislators. Anyone can use "Tax Loopholes".
Business Startups with Retirement Rollovers
Risky & High Audit Risk! A gray area of tax law you should avoid.
BackDoor Roth IRA
Not eligible for a Roth IRA? Contribute to a Tradtional Non-Deductible IRA & then convert it to a Roth IRA.
Self-Directed IRAs
The "Buyer Beware" warning applies especially to a business or real estate held in a self-directed IRA.
Real Estate in Your IRA
Don't know much about real estate? Not willing to do "due diligence"? Not prepared to lose your money? Then do not attempt this.
Precious Metals in Your IRA
Want to invest in gold or silver in your IRA? Learn More.
Net Unrealized Appreciation
Want to withdraw your 401-K at capital gain rates instead of ordinary income tax rates? Learn More.

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